Welcome to Classic Game Rooms

This site is dedicated to classic game rooms and the amazing games of skill that make them so much fun. I'm talking about all of the classics: foosball, air hockey, stick hockey, billiards, darts, table tennis, indoor shuffleboard and bumper pool!
I will go over ideas for setting up a game room, information about the games themselves, tips on how to play them and much more. So stay tuned for more classic game room action!

Classic Game Rooms

There are many types of game rooms, so what is a "classic" game room exactly?  Well, in this instance, I'm talking about good old fashioned game rooms with table games like billiards, air hockey, foosball, etc. as opposed to modern game rooms loaded with video games.  There's nothing wrong with video games - it's just not my thing, and not what this site is about.

This site is about classic games of skill and luck in a family friendly room to be enjoyed by all!

Classic Game Room Games

A game room wouldn't be a game room without... well, games!  There are many different types of game room games, so it all comes down to which ones you, your friends and family enjoy the most.  Here are some of the most popular:

Billiards, also known as pool, is a highly popular game of skill, with a little chance thrown in for good measure.  A billiard table it typically a great addition to any game room, though a few things must be considered:  a pool table is very large, in addition, you need at least a few feet of space around the table on all sides to be able to play.  To play on a full size table with full size cues, you need about 14' x 18' of space - which is larger than many standard size rooms are, so that definitely must be considered.  Even if it just barely fits... that means no room for any other games.  If you went with a smaller 7 foot table, and use shorter 48" cues, you could get by with 11.5' x 14.5', saving you a lot of space.

If you love billiards, but can't fit a pool table into your game room space, you may want to consider a bumperpool table.  While not quite the same game, it still has similar game play, it's loads of fun, and takes up substantially less room - typically around 8.5' x 10' will do the trick.

If you're not a fan of billiards at all, a nice air hockey table can be a ton of fun.  It's a very fast paced game, keeping the excitement level up at all times.

Another exciting and fast-paced gameroom game is ping pong, or table tennis.  Again, you must consider the space requirements, as both air hockey tables and table tennis tables use up a lot of space.